Introducing a unique opportunity to connect & co-create with over 250,000 like-minded souls in our community:

Experience A Monthly Live Group Meditation With The Project:Yourself Tribe - And Stay Aligned With The Planet-Shifting Power Of Our Collective Intent

Yes, We’re Turning Group Meditations Into A Monthly Ritual. Join Us In Expanding Your Creation Power For A Better You And A Better Planet.

Hey Projector,

I hope you enjoyed the group meditation session we sent you lately. Thousands worldwide took part, and the collective energy was so real, so rich… you could almost taste it!

Thank you for holding and energizing that space with us. And for the countless messages asking for the same thing:

"Can We Please Do This More Often?"

With your support, we’d love to.

Especially because events like this are exactly what so many of us in this community need to get, well, un-stuck.


Because let’s face it. When you’re on your own...

  • You often struggle to find the time or discipline to meditate on your own...
  • You may find it hard to climb out of your rut, and reach that crucial next step in your journey of personal evolution...
  • You may face challenges mastering some of the more esoteric forms of deep ancient wisdom on your own...
  • You crave a stronger support system to inspire you and help you overcome the challenges you can’t tackle alone...
  • And if you’ve been using the main Project:Yourself home training program, there may be some topics or lessons you wish you could dive deeper into.

Why go at it alone when your tribe has got your back? It is our pleasure and honor to invite you to...

Take Your Place In Project:Unity - Our Brand New Weekly Group Meditation Ritual That Awakens Your Deepest Potential Through Our Community’s Collective Intent, Passion & Support.

Imagine having an inner circle of spiritual superheroes you meditate with once a week, ready to accelerate anything you want to manifest - from acing a project at work to attracting a lover to sparking a positive change in your community.

That’s exactly what you’ll get when you join thousands worldwide in Project:Unity’s weekly group meditations - hosted by Project:Yourself co-founder Dr. Puja Shah, and a selection of other acclaimed guest trainers (this could be anyone from world-renowned scientists to spiritual leaders to astronauts - our network is wide!).

How it works is simple: just select a Project:Unity subscription package on this page, and you’ll receive a weekly invite to join an online guided meditation at a pre-selected time, along with thousands of Projectors from across the world - our collective consciousness united in perfect and powerful harmony.

I Can’t Wait To Welcome You As One Of The First People in the World to Join this Community Adventure With Us...

Just take note: there is a (very reasonable) monthly charge to help us maintain the overheads of this movement - from scripting and recording, to maintaining our servers and equipment.

How reasonable? Project:Unity is yours to enjoy from as low as $13.50 per month.

So for less than the cost of a sandwich, you’re getting a mind-expanding guided meditation that you can then download, add to your library, and use again and again each time you need to dive within.

Special Feature: Get A FREE Bonus Monthly Training PDF For As Long As You Stay Subscribed To Project:Unity

From meditation and visualization tips, to manifesting and journaling exercises, this monthly training PDF will complement your guided meditation practice.

Each new issue is yours free for as long as you stay in the Project:Unity inner circle.

Take Part Anytime. Cancel Anytime. Rejoin Anytime.

Project:Unity is as flexible as you need it to be. Missed a session? Don’t worry, each one is recorded and archived for your convenience. Feel like taking a break? Leaving town? Just too busy? You’re free to join in, drop out and rejoin whenever you like. No penalties, no commitments, no pressure.

Early Bird Bonus:

Get A Free Project:Unity Illumination Pack
(Worth $47) When You Book Your Spot

The Project:Unity Illumination Pack is a collection of guided meditations and ancient exercises crafted to illuminate your inner light, and project that light outwards into the world.

It includes:

  • The Infinite Compassion Meditation: use this to amplify empathy and love in yourself and the people around you.
  • The Lunar Meditation: a cleansing and uplifting meditation on intention, drawing on the cool night energy and illuminating moon.
  • The Agnihotra ritual step-by-step tutorial: discover how to perform an ancient Vedic cleansing ritual that promotes the healing and purification of yourself and your surroundings.

Just like your monthly Project:Unity sessions, the meditations and tools you’ll find in the Illumination Pack can also either be practiced alone, or through the collective intent of your tribe.

Consider this our gift to you for being one of the first people in the world to take part in Project:Unity - just remember to get yours before we stop giving it away on Sunday 18th October.

“But What If I Already Own The Main Project:Yourself Program?”

Project:Unity is designed to benefit anyone - whether or not you own the main Project:Yourself program (or any of our other courses). If you’ve used the program, you’ll love how each guided meditation session complements your experience with Project:Yourself, and deepens your mastery of each level within.

Picture thousands of Projectors coming together every month…

Bonding, sharing and growing through deep universal wisdom…

And drawing on each other’s collective energy to accomplish
BIG things in our lives and the planet.

How will your circumstances change when you become one of these people? How will it feel to wake up tomorrow morning… knowing this empowering ritual and community are now so closely woven into your reality?

Just the thought of it makes me smile :-)

For thousands of years, ancient tribes have practiced their own enlightened rituals for almost every part of life - from dreams to rites of passage to healing.

Now, as a modern-day tribe, let’s create our own for one clear goal:

To elevate your life. And the planet in the process.

Do it now to secure your bonus. And to lock in your intention before the busyness of your life gets in the way of your greatest life.

Can’t wait to connect with you on your first session!

Amish & Puja Shah

Founders of Project:Yourself

"The human soul can always use a new tradition. Sometimes we require them."

Pat Conroy
The Lords Of Discipline

The decision you make today could change someone else’s life too.

Order Project:Unity today, and our publisher Deep Origins will donate 10% of your monthly membership to underserved communities worldwide.

The Shah Education and Exploration Foundation (SEEF) is a unique 501(c)(3) nonprofit that combines adventuring and philanthropy to help the people who need it most. SEEF provides crucial education and infrastructural developments to underserved communities surrounding historic ancient locations - including the indigenous communities surrounding Machu Picchu in Peru, and Dwarka in India.

The beauty of this approach is in the chain reaction effect it creates: if we are able to provide education to even a small segment of a community, these efforts will organically replicate until the entire community’s knowledge is elevated.

Our ultimate goal is that through education, we will eventually create thriving, economically independent and sustainable communities around all of our planet’s historical landmarks, to the benefit of both these communities and the rest of the planet.

Your support helps us invest in equipment, supplies, raw materials and manpower for our missions. Thank you!

Subscribe to Project:Unity Now And Secure Your Spot In Our Next Session.

Project:Unity 30 Days Access

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1x monthly training PDF

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Project:Unity 6 Months Access

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1x monthly training PDF

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1x monthly group meditation

1x monthly training PDF

LIMITED TIME FREE BONUS: Project:Unity Illumination Pack (Worth $47)

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30-Day Money Back Guarantee


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