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Amplify your creativity, intuition & mind power...
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Access your deepest levels of consciousness & spirituality...
And elevate yourself, your community & your planet.
All in just a few minutes a day.

Experience the transcendent fusion of ancient wisdom and space-age science with the Project:Yourself home training course.

This simple metaphor could put your whole life into perspective:

Thousands of years ago, nobody knew what the sun was or how it worked.

To some it was a God. To others it was a planet. Some thought it was an illusion.

Opinions were divided. But no matter how people chose to interpret the sun… everyone still benefited from its life-sustaining warmth.

The sun still helped their crops grow. It still nourished their skin with vitamin D.

Of course today we’re privileged to know the sun is a star.

But what if I told you that just like the sun was a functional mystery to our ancestors… there are other sources of human empowerment we’re still not yet fully aware of? Or that we just flat out misunderstand?

Sources that could elevate you to a higher plane of existence… if only you had the guidance to tap into them!

With every breaking discovery that’s made in the field of human potential, the truth becomes clearer:

Many ancient tools and practices for the mind, body and spirit that have been used by various civilizations for thousands of years…

(The kind many today would call “primitive” or “woo-woo”)...

Are now scientifically proven to be immensely effective and surprisingly accessible solutions to overcoming the most urgent problems you face daily.

Problems like the stress and anxiety of having too much to do, but too little time...

Frustrating obstacles that sabotage your financial and career aspirations - from the volatile economy to your own self-destructive thoughts & habits...

Not having the time or energy to nurture rewarding relationships...

Fragile health and illnesses that leave you feeling worried and vulnerable...

And even that longing to reconnect with your long-lost purpose and highest self.

Yes, life in the modern world can be challenging - but the incredible discoveries being made worldwide carry a hopeful message. For instance...

  • The human energetic ecosystem known as the 7 chakras, an integral part of Hindu and Buddhist tradition, is starting to gain acceptance in the scientific community as a valid phenomenon - and a way to systematically improve different areas of your life. Scientists like Dr. Valerie V. Hunt of the University of California have found radiation emanating from the body areas traditionally associated with the Chakras* - while numerous studies show the chakras corresponding with vital nerve bundles connected to the brain.
  • You may have seen the hundreds of studies on how meditation can help you relax. But every day, science is finding new, deeper benefits to this ancient mindfulness technique. For instance did you know that when practiced in a specific way, meditation also strengthens your DNA, protecting you against illnesses and unwanted habits? Proper meditation can also be more effective than drugs in overcoming depression, and even enhances your brain function, dramatically boosting your memory and learning.* Is there any wonder even some of the world’s biggest companies, from Apple to Nike to Aetna, are starting to make meditation a part of their corporate culture?
  • The pineal gland, an organ revered by numerous ancient cultures as mankind’s “Third Eye” and the “Seat of the Human Soul”, has gained much professional interest in recent years. Scientists like Dr. Rick Strassman* have found that it secretes not just mood-defining serotonin and melatonin chemicals, but also DMT: a psychedelic hormone closely related to near-death and spiritual experiences. And through specific mind-body practices, it’s possible to stimulate this chemical in your pineal gland, triggering profound states of higher consciousness.
  • Under Prime Minister Narendra Modi, India has created a special Ministry dedicated to education and advancements in ancient remedies like yoga and ayurveda. Modi himself starts every day with yoga, and declared an international yoga day* in September 2014. 130 countries now back this initiative!
  • Even the simple act of breathing, which many ancient cultures created elaborate rituals around, is now scientifically proven to do more than just keep you alive. Studies* now show that learning to breathe in a specific conscious way melts away stress, lowers blood pressure and heart rate, regenerates brain cells, and get this - even alters the genes controlling your immune system and metabolism.

The world is starting to wake up...

And so if you’re not making full use of ancient wisdom like this in your daily life… you’re missing out on a wealth of transcendent benefits!

How am I so sure? Because a rapidly growing body of the world’s smartest people - from doctors to scientists to billionaire entrepreneurs - are using it right NOW to manifest incredible outcomes in their lives and for the planet.

And then there are my own life-changing experiences.

My name is Amish Shah. I’m an entrepreneur, a spiritual explorer and founder of a 100,000-person strong movement known as Project:Yourself.

And I’ve spent the past two decades traveling the world… interviewing experts... and being a human test subject for a wide variety of tools and theories in the fields of mind, body and spirit.

From mind-bending wisdom in ancient scriptures like the Bhagavad Gita, the Vedas and the Yoga Sutras…

To tools rooted in space-age mind science, technology & quantum physics…

To experiments by by ahead-of-their-time thinkers like Napoleon Hill, Buckminster Fuller and Nikola Tesla...

To dormant abilities in our minds and bodies, and natural phenomena that profoundly influence the human experience…

I’ve dived into subjects most scientists or even spiritual teachers would never explore in their entirety! And that’s how I can prove to you that...

99% of us are still stuck from becoming the inspiring creators, leaders, entrepreneurs, lovers, friends, parents and philanthropists we aspire to be...

Because we’re not harnessing the SOURCE of our human power in the most effective way.

Did the Seattle Seahawks use ancient practices to win the 2014 Superbowl?

Guess what the Seahawks’ coach Pete Carroll added to their training regimen before the Super Bowl? Meditation.

Russell Okung, the team’s offensive tackle player, says:

"Meditation is as important as lifting weights and being out here on the field for practice...It’s about quieting your mind and getting into certain states where everything outside of you doesn’t matter in that moment. There are so many things telling you that you can’t do something, but you take those thoughts captive, take power over them and change them.”

This realization began for me when I was at the lowest point in my life, aimless and unfulfilled. I had a 7-figure business that felt hollow. I woke up every morning depressed and sick. I barely had the peace of mind to be present for my loved ones or even myself.

At the time, I had spent decades working with the usual tools like visualization... positive thinking... the law of attraction… hypnosis… even some of those fancy new practices that have gained so much traction lately, like tapping.

(I'm sure you've tried some of these practices too - perhaps with varying results!)

Yet nothing I did gave me anything more than temporary highs and fleeting results.

The only hope I clung onto as I woke up each day was that the answers had always been inside me...

And all I had to do was find the right way to unlock them.

I’m reaching out to you through this page because I believe you need these answers too. And you need them NOW.

I also believe that by tracing my steps, you too can easily and enjoyably gain the breakthroughs I and tens of thousands worldwide are already experiencing.

But first, it’s crucial that you understand…

My story: how I turned the darkest period of my life into a global human potential movement

I grew up in a traditional Indian home in New Jersey. My family was broke, but I had big dreams.

And in my late twenties, after over a decade of hard work, I seemed to be living those dreams.

I was a hotshot tech entrepreneur with multiple 7-figure businesses. I had made the Inc. 500 list twice. I lived with my wife in a stunning seaside villa with a Ferrari and a Maserati in the garage.

But anyone who looked a little closer knew I was miserable.

You’ll surely agree that money is meaningless when you’re not aligned with your purpose. And I wasn’t. I had little passion for the software I was developing. I didn’t feel I was truly helping people...

And I tried to distract myself from the hollowness by drinking and partying my sorrows away.

Bad idea.

Eventually my life started falling apart - from my businesses to my health. Even my relationship with my wife suffered.

I knew I had bottomed out when one day, as I was taking a shower in my open air bathroom overlooking the Pacific Ocean...

I broke down in tears.

Every bad decision, every moment of emptiness, every second of time I had wasted living a life that wasn’t mine, hit me like a ton of bricks.

In that moment, I made a decision to reconnect with my SELF.

So I returned to the traditional contemplative practices my mother taught me as a child. Like meditation. Self-reflection. Empowering mantras.

But this time, I used my experiences as a problem-solving entrepreneur and an ‘ideas guy’ to approach those practices with a critical mind.

I explored the science behind them.

I spoke to award-winning brain experts, biologists, quantum physicists, bestselling authors, even former astronauts.

And I found fascinating links between ancient personal growth tools, and modern discoveries in mind science and human potential.

More importantly… I found ways to supercharge these practices through that same scientific perspective - and turned them into simple daily habits I added to my daily schedule.

The results I experienced through this holistic approach to personal growth went far beyond any I’d ever used, modern or ancient.

To be specific:

  • My inner fog disappeared, as my creativity, focus, intuition and mind power expanded dramatically.
  • After years of uncertainty, I gained an acute awareness of my unique purpose and gifts - which gave me the perspective to reevaluate my career and make more rewarding business decisions.
  • I developed a newfound ‘instinct’ for wealth - and found myself noticing previously hidden abundant opportunities in plain sight all around me.
  • Despite being an introvert, I found myself with the power to deeply connect with others: my wife, daughter, business partners, even with people I encountered randomly at events and on the street.
  • I finally felt a sense of spiritual joy and assuredness in my life, and that everything was as it should be.
  • After years of restlessness, I was at last enjoying deep, uninterrupted sleep.
  • My ailments disappeared, I lost my excess weight, and in my early 30s I felt healthier and more energetic than I’d ever been in my life.
  • And, call it coincidence if you like… but it was also around this time that my wife got pregnant with a beautiful baby girl :)

All these changes didn’t just come and go in flashes: they became my new normal. My new reality.

I knew I was onto something special. These were genuinely breakthrough results beyond anything I’d ever experienced.

And that’s saying a lot, coming from someone who was already a lifelong meditation and personal growth enthusiast.

But trust me when I say I’m not the smartest person. Nor the most spiritual person. And I’m definitely not the most enlightened person!

So even though we haven’t yet met… I know YOU too are fully capable of experiencing results just like these.

And I’m committed to proving that to you.

Because once my own life started changing, I felt inspired to share my findings with others. This would be my new career. My purpose and legacy.

So three years ago, I teamed up with my wife and certified yoga instructor Dr. Puja Shah, to launch Project:Yourself: a global movement and consciousness-expanding online journey that has now transformed over 100,000 lives worldwide.

Within weeks of launching Project:Yourself to a group of online communities, messages like this began flooding my inbox:

Jeanine Ostrowski called Project:Yourself the greatest gift since the birth of her children...

“Somewhere around the time of level 3 I had printed out a copy of the Sri Yantra picture that Amish had used as a graphic in one of his lectures. I hung it on an Eastern facing wall in the room that I meditate in daily. I began noticing that very positive things were happening for me. A job opportunity that I had been pursuing intermittently over the past 5 years was suddenly handed to me. I met someone with whom a relationship developed. And other smaller positive experiences have started popping up for me on a regular basis. I have to say that the greatest gift I have received since the birth of my children has been this program.”

Brett Martin from Australia used Project:Yourself to spark a breakthrough in his business...

“I own a construction business I run from home in Australia. I’ve had a client I’ve been waiting to hear back from for almost six months. This afternoon I sat down and worked my way through level two and was projecting my energy into my business.

After the session I made myself a tea with honey and cinnamon, while I was waiting for my tea to brew, there was a knock at the door. Out of the blue it was the client I’d been waiting to hear from. I thought I must had lost this job. She had come to tell me that her loan had been approved and she was wanting to go ahead with her new home. Coincidence? I don’t think so.”

Craig Conover from California used Project:Yourself to compose his first EVER song (with zero musical knowledge)...

“So today, I decided to draw the Sri Yantra with the help of Adobe Illustrator and a how-to video on YouTube. Took me 2 separate attempts a little over 2 hours to get it right (or close enough, and just the triangles and first level of petals). Many hours later today (just 20 minutes ago) I wrote a five verse song complete with a bridge, chorus and outro in about 3 minutes. I heard it as a male country singer in my head when the chorus first popped into my head, and the lyrics just started coming to me.

And I think it is good enough that I am actually going to find someone to write some music for it and get it recorded. I have never written a song in my life, I don’t play any instruments and I don’t understand musical notes at all and this just hit me like it was a song I remembered. Is this sort of thing just going to continue to happen to me as I continue down this path?”

KamRock believes he escaped a traffic accident with a little help from an ancient technology in Project:Yourself...

“Driving from Dayton OH to Phoenix. I usually get tired but I’ve had my Sri Yantra sitting in passenger seat & noticed I stayed energized for the 1st leg of my trip which was 13 hrs!

But what’s really amazing is that I was almost T-boned in Albuquerque yesterday. Didn’t have time to blow my horn as a guy ran the red. Somehow my car sped up & veered away from the crash. My normal inclination would have been to brake in which case his car would have smashed into my drivers side door at 40mph. Maybe it was my cat-like reflexes or did the Sri Yantra show me some love?”

And a PhD holder who wants to stay anonymous said...

"You really have something here. Using everything I know about things...EFT, NLP, the Law of Attraction, you name it...this thing activates the source directly while others sort of tease out what they can.

This is like flipping on a switch and voila you have the information, done. Wow, you've hit a home run with this. If everyone learns this, we're going to have a different world.

I'm not a wingnut, btw...I'm a licensed professional with a doctorate. Please don't publish my real name!!! Best wishes! Bless you!"

If you have your own conscious practices...

If you meditate and visualize...

If you manifest and harness the Law of Attraction...

And if you believe in the sheer untapped power of the human mind, body and spirit...

Have you ever wondered why it’s so hard to experience the genuinely breakthrough results you’ve been promised by the personal growth and spirituality industry?

I’ll tell you why: it’s because our current model of personal growth is outdated.

The gurus… the life coaches… the books, films and online courses...

The truth is, 99% of what’s out there doesn’t give you the big picture of how to awaken your highest potential.

Instead, it pulls you towards extremes that only tease you with a taste of what you’re really capable of - just before you relapse into the same old patterns of self-sabotage and struggle.

What do I mean by extremes?

Well on one hand, you’ve got the esoteric spiritual approach to personal growth that’s full of good intentions and positive vibes - but is often crippled by half-truths, perception bias and misleading promises.

On the other hand, you’ve got the scientific motivational approach that does a great job at giving you evidence-based advice… but often fails to acknowledge the unseen forces and spiritual side of the human experience.

On their own, neither of these extremes are perfect for you, because they’re incomplete!

That’s why you still struggle.

That’s why you can’t reliably spark deep, lasting change in yourself.

And that’s why you may still feel a sense of incompleteness… or lack of control… or even disempowerment.

What you need to get unstuck is...

A personal growth philosophy that harmonizes the best of both science and spirit in one holistic approach.

Einstein once said,

“The human mind is not capable of grasping the Universe. We are like a child entering a huge library. The walls are covered to the ceilings with books in many different tongues. The child knows that someone must have written these books. It does not know who or how. It does not understand the languages in which they are written. But the child notes a definite plan in the arrangement of the books—-a mysterious order which it does not comprehend, but only dimly suspects...”

What I’m about to show you is a way to embrace this great unknown by engaging every sense available to you...

To open your heart to what you’re really capable of, even if you don’t consciously know what that is yet...

And to finally soar above the inner and outer blocks keeping you from infinite success, wealth, joy and wellbeing.

With your permission, I invite you to harness the power of science and spirit… and to project a better YOU into existence.

Our mission at Project:Yourself is to elevate the planet’s consciousness, one person at a time.

And it all starts with empowering YOU to create a daily ritual of conscious practices - or as we call them, Deep Dives.

Deep Dives are holistic tools, exercises or habits that key you into deeper states of being…

Elevate you mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically...

Reveal deep-set personal truths that will reconnect you with who you really are and what you really want...

And that give you an edge in every area of life by enhancing qualities like creativity, intuition, mind power and empathy.

Many of these practices - like meditation, energy healing and lucid dreaming - are thousands of years old. Each has its own function, like tools in a toolbox.

And from one busy person to another, I assure you that each is also surprisingly simple, unobtrusive, and even enjoyable to apply in your hectic life.

When you start applying these Deep Dives correctly & consistently (and with the right guidance), you’ll find the positive effects compounding day by day, like having a gym routine with a personal trainer...

Until one day, not long from now, the subtle improvements and small wins evolve into “impossible” feats… and you realize you’re now able to almost bend reality itself to your will.

Your new reality begins with the Project:Yourself home training course

Our acclaimed home training course is the definitive Project:Yourself experience.

It’s a 9-part multimedia curriculum packed with the most potent conscious practices, lessons and wisdom from various eras and civilizations...

Each carefully curated for its power to ignite your highest human potential in the areas of your life that matter most.

And it’s an enjoyable, fruitful experience for all skill levels - whether you’re a weathered spiritual explorer, or a complete newbie.

All you need to do is login to your membership site.

Immerse yourself in the 9 levels, one at a time and at your own pace.

And with our easy-to-follow guidance, design a personalized daily ritual of Deep Dives that serve you.

You only need a few minutes a day. An open mind. And a commitment to awakening your deepest powers.

Project:Yourself’s simple and proven process will do the rest - like it has for tens of thousands worldwide.

“Completely transformed my daily routine”

“The sessions have completely transformed my daily routine! I love that the material is actionable and realistic to do in my everyday life. It's something that not only "fits" into anyone's schedule - I am a forex trader who deals with a market that trades 24-hours a day! - it's something I can rely on and call on as needed. When I am stuck in my writing, I use the  breathing exercises. If I am having emotional issues dealing with a trade going against me, again, there's an breathing exercise for that. My thinking is clearer and I am definitely more patient with everything...and this is only after two levels!”

Raghee Horner, New York

“Very effective…”

“I started this journey nearly a month ago and just wanted to share with you that shortly after I started meditation practices, several doors have opened already and I am now more busy than ever before. Just in this short time, my income has doubled! This program is very effective... Thanks again for inviting me into this fantastic community of go-getters!”

Fredro K.

“What started to change? MYSELF!”

“I became totally relaxed, every “challenge” was so easy to win… my work and creativity skyrocketed! Choreographies for my dance classes are just pouring out of me, Ideas for new businesses are just jumping out of my head. My relationships with parents/girlfriends/ friends/business partners are way better than before. I am not scared to do what I want, I am not scared any more to TRY or to PLAY with my reality! I don’t know how to thank you enough…”

Domen, Slovenia

The Project:Yourself home training course is designed to uplift 5 vital areas of your life:

  • You will gain the clarity and focus to pursue your unique purpose
  • You will gain priceless tools for peak performance in your career or business
  • You will develop an unstoppable instinct for attracting wealth
  • You will start enjoying deeper relationships with the people around you
  • You will reclaim the holistic wellbeing you were born to have - mind, body, emotions and spirit

Here are some of the Deep Dives you’ll gain in the Project:Yourself home training course:


Meditation is the simplest, most effective and most rigorously proven Deep Dive you can have - and its list of life-changing benefits has been stacking for decades*. That’s why meditation is at the core of the Project:Yourself experience, with a set of guided meditations accompanying each of the 9 Levels. Our meditation training fuses  authentic Vedic breathing exercises and mantras, with world-famous Holosync® brain entrainment technology to quickly, enjoyably and consistently stimulate your pineal gland, lower your brainwaves and guide you into a deep state of mind - no matter your experience or skill level.

The benefits of meditation:

  • Strengthens your DNA
  • Relieves stress and anxiety
  • Accelerates mind-body healing
  • Boosts creativity & intuition
  • Amplifies memory & mind power
  • Improves sleep
  • Upgrades immune system
  • Slows down aging
  • Enables deep spiritual experiences

Powered by Holosync®

If you meditate, there’s a high chance you’ve heard of Holosync® - one of the world’s most beloved meditation audio technologies. Over 2 million people in 193 countries use Holosync® audio technology to guide their brainwaves into meditative states: allowing for consistently deep, relaxing and transformational inward experiences.

Project:Yourself is proud to infuse our guided meditation sessions and mind exercise tools with Holosync® technology. You’ll hear and feel the difference.

How Holosync® works:

At any given time, your brain is in one of the following 4 brainwave states:

(14 - 30 Hz)

Associated with:

* Concentration arousal, alertness, cognition

* Higher levels associated with anxiety, unease,
feelings of separation, fight or flight

(8 - 13.9 Hz)

Associated with:

* Relaxation, superlearning, relaxed focus,
light trance, increased serotonin production

* Pre-sleep, pre-waking drowsiness, meditation,
beginning of access to unconscious mind

(4 - 7.9 Hz)

Associated with:

* Dreaming sleep (REM sleep)

* Increased production of catecholamines (vital for learning and memory),increased creativity

* Integrative, emotional experiences, potential change in behavior,increased retention of learned material

* Hypnagogic imagery, trance, deep meditation, access to unconscious mind

(.1 - 3.9 Hz)

Associated with:

* Dreamless sleep

* Human growth hormone released

* Deep, trance-like, non-physical state,
loss of body awareness

* Access to unconscious and “collective unconscious” mind,
greatest “push” to brain when induced with Holosync®

The slowest brain wave pattern is delta, the brain wave pattern of dreamless sleep. Generally people are asleep in delta, but there is evidence that it’s possible to remain alert in this state—a very deep, trance-like, non-physical state you’ll have to experience to appreciate.

In certain delta frequencies the brain releases many highly beneficial substances, including human growth hormone, which we ordinarily make in decreasing quantities as we get older—resulting in many aging symptoms including loss of muscle tone, increased weight gain, loss of stamina, and many diseases associated with aging.

Holosync® puts you into a “waking delta” state—where the most beneficial changes occur.

The positive evidence is overwhelming. These brain wave patterns of meditation dramatically improve your health, slow aging, powerfully reduce stress levels, create more happiness and inner peace…and a lot more.

Unfortunately, traditional meditation is difficult for most people to learn. Many find it difficult to stick with a meditation practice. And, the results happen so slowly that most people quit before they experience them.

That’s why Holosync® is such a tremendous breakthrough. It allows you to experience all the benefits of meditation, easily and effortlessly—and without spending years mastering the ability to meditate.


The way you breathe can have a profound positive impact on your life - once you know how to control it. Studies even show that conscious breathing can reverse ailments like asthma* and even increase your lifespan**. In the Project:Yourself course you’ll learn scientific and ancient approaches to breathing away stress and gain a deep sense of well-being - including the ‘Spiral Breathing’ technique in Level 3. This ability is priceless for when you need to heal, or even just calm down and gain clarity when things at work or at home are overwhelming you.

Deep breathing to cure disease?

Many medical professionals, including Cleveland Clinic physician Mladen Golubic, now claim that breathing doesn't just melt away stress and relax you - it even helps relieve serious ailments like asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and even heart failure.

The benefits of deep breathing:

  • Increases life span
  • Lowers heart rate & blood pressure
  • Relieves stress and anxiety
  • Reduces pain
  • Improves sleep
  • Accelerates mind-body healing
  • Detoxifies the body
  • Strengthens the lungs
  • Improves digestion


It may feel a little weird at first using these 5000+ year-old Sanskrit chants to focus on specific aspects of life you'd like to strengthen - like health, abundance, and love, to name a few. But once you see the results in Level 5, you'll realize this Deep Dive is well worth it. How it works is that you’re programming your subconscious and even the world around you to work towards your desired outcome. The growing scientific evidence for chanting is staggering, and includes a groundbreaking study by otolaryngologist Dr. Alfred Tomatis which found that it positively stimulates both the brain cortex and nervous system.*

The benefits of chanting:

  • Manifesting aid
  • Lowers heart rate & blood pressure
  • Stimulates cortex & nervous system
  • Accelerates mind-body healing
  • Releases melatonin
  • Improves focus
  • Helps treat symptoms of disorders like dyslexia and autism
  • Programs the subconscious
  • Rewires habits


Eastern culture has long referenced an energetic ecosystem of 7 ‘Chakras’, or energy centers, flowing through our bodies. Modern science is finally catching up through pioneers like Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama, whose experiments showed higher energetic activity in the areas associated with the Chakras*, especially in those who practiced Chakra energy work. The basis of Chakra work is simple - each Chakra regulates a certain aspect of your life, like your sex life or your self-confidence. And by working with specific Chakras, you can spark specific outcomes in your life. You’ll get a variety of Chakra-strengthening tools for each of your Chakras throughout the Project:Yourself course.

The benefits of Chakra work:

  • Targeted self improvement
  • Helps you discover and live your truth
  • Greater career & financial performance
  • Supercharges your sex life
  • Boosts your self-esteem
  • Improves your relationships
  • Better self-expression
  • Enhances intuition & creativity
  • Connects you to your spiritual Self


Did you know your heart emits an electromagnetic field 5,000 times stronger than your brain? And that many ancient cultures believed in tapping into the heart’s inherent powers for sensing truth and even bending reality? Researchers at the HeartMath Institute even found that the human heart responds to intuitive information like a 'hunch' or a 'gut feeling' seconds before it actually happens*. In Level 4 of the course, we'll dive into the Deep Dive known as Heart Intelligence: a tool for harnessing your heart's "wisdom" - the 40,000 neurons & intuitive signals your heart sends, like love, happiness & care - to balance your emotions, reduce stress hormones, and boost your immune system.

The benefits of heart intelligence work:

  • Amplifies your intuition
  • Balances emotions
  • Melts away stress & fatigue
  • Strengthens your immune system
  • Improves sleep


Another invaluable Deep Dive you'll learn in Level 7 is the much talked about but misunderstood skill of lucid dreaming: the act of being conscious within your dreams. You’ll learn clinically sound ways to program your subconscious so you can take advantage of this scientifically validated phenomenon*. And you'll even get powerful Dream Exercises that help you channel the insights from your lucid dreams into your waking life. Imagine dreaming of a solution to a stubborn problem… or a multi-million dollar idea… or even of some kind of crazy invention that changes the course of history: and then waking up, and making it happen in real life. Elias Howe did exactly that when he invented the sewing machine, and you can do it too.

The Wall Street Journal’s recent expose on lucid dreaming

The benefits of lucid dreaming:

  • Get inspiration & solutions to problems
  • Overcome fears & phobias
  • Gain a deeper connection to your subconscious
  • Reconnect with your deepest hopes & desires
  • Learn more about your highest Self
  • Relieve anxiety over the unknown


Astrology - not the supermarket tabloid kind, but the authentic ancient kind - is another of those misunderstood yet remarkably powerful Deep Dives for getting the most joy and success out of life. Did you know that many of the world’s most successful people, from billionaire entrepreneurs to investment bankers, use the real kind of astrology to predict global patterns and gain an edge over their competitors*? In Level 9 of the Project:Yourself course you too will learn how to harness planetary movements and cosmic rhythm to stack the odds in your favor… maximize your efforts as you minimize risk… and attract more ‘lucky’ coincidences into your life.

“Millionaires don’t use astrology, billionaires do.”

- JP Morgan

The benefits of astrology:

  • Understand the patterns and trends around you
  • Work in harmony with the nature of your Self and your surroundingsOvercome fears & phobias
  • Avoid unnecessary danger & suffering
  • Maximize your productivity
  • Make better plans for big life events like weddings, launches, holidays, surgery, etc.
  • Experience more ‘lucky’ synchronicities


Remember that scene in the Matrix where Neo opens his eyes to the binary nature of his world? Sacred geometry empowers you with a similar breathtaking close-up on the building blocks of reality - by showing you the recurring mathematical sequences, laws and symbols that make up the Universe. From ancient buildings like the Pantheon and the modern UN headquarters, to natural occurrences in shells and galactic swirls… the recurring sequences you’ll learn how to tap into in the Project:Yourself course will give you the power to balance your energy fields. Heal. And even access complex information in order to work better with your reality.

Legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s Joshua Tree Center was built with the principles of sacred geometry - and is now a sought-after venue for spiritual events.

The benefits of sacred geometry:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the building blocks of reality
  • Balance your energetic centers
  • Heal by harmonizing with your surroundings
  • Access complex unspoken information to make better decisions
  • Get Universal inspiration for visual-based problem solving


In Level 2 of the course you’ll get powerful tools for harnessing of one of Nikola Tesla’s favorite Deep Dives: Sexual Transmutation. This essentially means going within, drawing on your purest, most primal source of energy, and using that energy to fuel your creative expression - whether you’re crafting a work of art, studying a particular skill, trying to influence certain people, or figuring out how to nail a business deal or solve a problem. In one of his most prominent papers*, Dr. Edwin Flatto explains the scientific reason behind this phenomenon: when a person doesn’t ejaculate for a certain amount of time, the hormones in their ejaculation fluids are carried to every part of the body - stimulating both the pituitary gland and the creative centers of the brain.

(But don’t worry - in the Project:Yourself course you’ll learn how to harness your sexual energy without having to give up sex!)

The secret tool of U.S. Presidents?

In his book Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill claims Sexual Transmutation was used extensively by Presidents such as Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson and George Washington... and notable figures like Napoleon Bonaparte, Oscar Wilde, William Shakespeare & Ralph Waldo Emerson.

The benefits of sexual transmutation:

  • Harness your most intimate source of power
  • Higher creative & intuitive expression
  • Radiate with greater presence and magnetism
  • Influence others more successfully

Here’s what Project:Yourself students are saying about our curriculum:

But the most powerful Deep Dive of all… lies hidden in this 12,000-year-old symbol:

This is the Sri Yantra: an ancient tantric ritual drawing used for meditation and concentration... that has been revered for thousands of years by both scientists and spiritualists alike.

I first began studying the Sri Yantra as a kid, when I found it printed on the page of a book my mom had brought back from India.

Since then, after hundreds of hours of deep meditations using it, Puja and I have come to appreciate it as more than just a symbol...

Because we've discovered how to use this symbol as a ‘roadmap’ for expanding human consciousness… and bending reality itself

How much do I believe in the power of this symbol? I have a tattoo of it on my back :)

And as you're about to see - and as countless studies have shown - there are certain characteristics within the Sri Yantra that make it an incredibly potent tool for awakening your dormant powers.

4 fascinating facts about the Sri Yantra and its reality-bending powers

1. An EEG study by Russian scientists at Moscow University found that the Sri Yantra can induce a meditative or hypnotized state of mind - just by looking at it.

* Source: Biology Faculty of Moscow University, October 30, 1987

2. In his paper Art as Technology, award-winning artist Bill Witherspoon offers a detailed account of how drawing the Sri Yantra symbol in an Oregon crop field increased its yield, soil fertility and plant nutrients.

3. In 1997, an Indian researcher by the name of RKS Muthukrishnan used fractal mathematics to deduce that the Egyptian Pyramids were engineered with the exact same angular measurements as the Sri Yantra.

4. Renowned American physicist Dr. Patrick Flanagan calls the Sri Yantra “the king of power diagrams”, and describes its energetic effect as seventy times greater than that of a pyramid construction.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe,
think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

Nikola Tesla

Embedded in the Sri Yantra are 9 unique layers - which we use as a roadmap to guide you through the 9-part Project:Yourself experience:

You’ll experience each of these 9 levels through our new and improved Project:Yourself membership area.

Think of it like Facebook, but with less cat pictures, and more mind-expanding content & discussions :)

Membership site features:

* A streamlined & elegant interface that makes it easy to find the content you want, with just a tap or a click.

* Multiple ways to connect with the community - including private forums, groups based on interests, and chat sections on every page.

* Earn virtual currency for every action you take, from logging in to commenting to inviting friends. In future you’ll get to redeem these points for exclusive content.

* Full Apple and Android mobile support. Your membership site looks and works great on virtually any device.

* One-click downloadable content including infographics, exercises and PDFs, so you can project yourself with or without an internet connection.

The Project:Yourself course gives you lifetime access to our community and membership area. Get started today.

“These exercises WORK!”

“These exercises WORK! I have been trying to forgive myself and a friend for 10 years and I finally did this week and I’m certain it’s because of the forgiveness exercise. I had felt responsibility for him in ways there were basically codependent and I no longer feel that way anymore – I feel an enormous weight off my shoulders and freedom I’ve never really experienced which I have no doubt will make room for more authentic, fulfilling ones which I think we all so deeply crave. Wow.”

Mari Mcmillan

“I feel like a kid in a candy store”

“I’m loving the journey, you are giving us so many surprises, I feel like a kid in a candy store. I don’t understand because I meditated before in my life, but for some reason this time seems to be opening me up.”


“I don't like guided meditations, but very much enjoy yours…”

“This training is so wonderfully build up and the videos so beautifully done. I do not like guided meditations, but very much enjoy yours, Amish. It is your voice, the text – this compliment goes to your wife, and maybe also the background sound. Since the beginning of PY, I again meditate twice daily. Part of this is surely thanks to you. I am so happy that I have signed up for this course.”

Christa Herzog

Special course features:

Special feature 1 - In Real Life: 9 practical guides to applying ancient wisdom for real world results

Project:Yourself is about sparking real breakthroughs in real people. So at the end of each level, you’ll get access to an In Real Life training session that gives you clear, actionable steps for quickly and effectively applying everything you’ve just learned - in just a few minutes a day.

Special feature 2 - 9 digital workbooks packed with powerful exercises and progress tracking features for better results

Every good superhero needs a sidekick, which is what these workbooks will be for you throughout your Project:Yourself experience. Each stunningly designed PDF workbook is packed with tools, exercises, checklists and bonus content for every level of the program. Just print out each one, keep them by your bedside or study, and use them for an even deeper, more transformational learning experience.

Special feature 3 - Grow with Napoleon Hill: one of history’s greatest masters of the scientific and esoteric

The legendary success author Napoleon Hill says,

“You have great potential for success, but first you must know your own mind and live your own life—then you will find and enjoy that mighty potential. Become acquainted with your inner self and you can win what you want within a time limit of your own choosing. Certain special techniques help you to win the goals of your dearest dreams, and every one of these techniques is easily within your power.”

At Project:Yourself we’re huge fans of Mr. Hill. So in each level of the course, you’ll get an updated version of an exercise or insight from his most acclaimed books (including Think and Grow Rich, of course). Each one carefully selected to deepen your experience.

Special feature 4 - Completed the course? Revisit it and choose your own adventure

When you first start using the Project:Yourself course, we’ll release one level at a time, so you can focus on each and experience them in ascending order.

But when you’ve completed it, we also recommend revisiting the parts of it that resonate with you most. Like maybe a particular exercise sang to you. Or maybe you got an extraordinarily profound experience with one of the guided meditations.

At this point, the course transforms from a linear experience to a dynamic toolkit. Just pop it open, and select the right tool for the job depending on what you’re feeling or experiencing.

Revisiting the course multiple times is the key to getting comfortable with all the conscious practices within - so you can shape your own daily rituals with your favorite ones. And even evolve them over time.

PLUS: brand new course additions for 2015

Project:Yourself is a dynamic, living diary of all our most transformational discoveries. We’re committed to consistently upgrading and adding to it as we learn new wisdom and connect with new experts - which means you’ll always have your finger on the pulse of the latest wisdom and breakthroughs.

Here are the upgrades and new content I’ve added in 2015:

1. Two new video training sessions on the ancient healing science of Ayurveda

More and more doctors and scientists are finally realizing the power of Ayurveda: an incredibly powerful approach to healing that emphasizes nature and the body’s own natural healing intelligence.

In these videos we’ll break down the complex wisdom of Ayurveda to give you simple and practical tools you can use to enjoy the holistic benefits of this ancient practice, including fun recipes, herbal remedies and more.

How much do Puja and I believe in Ayurveda? We’re making a documentary on it that’s scheduled for release later this year - and these videos give you some of the best Ayurvedic practices we’ve curated for it!

2. Upgraded guided meditation sessions for a deeper experience

As I mentioned earlier - every single one of our 80+ guided meditation and mind exercise sessions in the course has been re-engineered and upgraded with Holosync® brain entrainment technology. Giving you a far deeper, more immersive, more transformational experience than you may have experienced through any other meditation approach.

You’re in good company - for centuries many of the world’s greatest visionaries, entrepreneurs & innovators have used the exact tools you’re getting in the course.

For instance…

* Nikola Tesla, one of history’s greatest scientists and inventors, believed in harnessing his sexual energy - the same energy described in various ancient cultures, from Vedic to Egyptian - to boost his daily drive in inspiration (he did this by never getting intimate with another person... but as you’ll see in a few moments, it’s also possible to do this without giving up sex).

(You’ll learn how to harness your own sexual energy in level 2 of the course.)

* Tesla’s rival Thomas Edison took multiple brief naps throughout the day to invoke a half-conscious state known as hypnagogia, where creativity and inspiration is dramatically amplified. He did this by gripping ball bearings in his hands, which would then fall on the floor and wake him up just as he fell asleep, triggering a hypnagogic state.

(You’ll get countless creativity and inspiration-boosting techniques in the course - including an exhilarating guide to Lucid Dreaming in level 7.)

* Oprah Winfrey is one of the world’s biggest advocates of meditation. She meditates twice daily without fail, advocates it through her television platform, and even gets her employees to do it. Oprah is joined by countless other leading entrepreneurs who swear by this timeless practice - including Russell Simmons, billionaire Ray Dalio, and media mogul Arianna Huffington.

(In the course you’re spoilt for choice with over 80 powerful guided meditations and mind exercises for different areas of your life.)

* Frank Lloyd Wright, the prolific American architect, designed over 1,000 structures in his lifetime. One of his favorite daily practices was studying sacred geometry and how it created a specific sense of energy and attunement with the environment. Some of his most stunning projects, like the Joshua Tree Retreat, were designed with sacred geometry.

(You’ll learn all about sacred geometry and how to use it to your advantage in level 7 of the course.)

* Marie Curie, the Nobel prize-winning scientist, was a pioneer in the field of radioactivity. But she was also an avid researcher of paranormal phenomena, and had a frequent habit of connecting with invisible forces unseen by the naked eye.

(Pay attention to level 8 of the course, where you’ll learn how to harness invisible forces across time and space through Napoleon Hill’s legendary Round Table exercise.)

* Helen Keller, the blind and deaf political activist, spent her life campaigning for social issues like women's suffrage and labor rights. Despite her handicap, she was known to describe frequent profound transcendent mind experiences where she connected with the "flame of eternity" in her soul.

(You’ll have plenty opportunities to connect with your higher consciousness in the course. Look out for the Gateway To Creation exercise in level 9.)

Why is the CEO of one of America’s richest companies inviting his employees to meditate?

It was recently reported that Mark Bertolini, CEO of Aetna, one of America’s highest revenue companies, has turned mantra meditation and yoga into a part of company culture - with free classes for all!

More than a quarter of Aetna’s 50,000 employees have taken him up on the offer. In this time, stock value has tripled. Stress has gone down 28 percent. Sleep quality has gone up by 20 percent, and pain has gone down by 19 percent. Employees have even gained 62 extra minutes of productivity per week.

Mark’s free classes are now overbooked - and it all started when Bertolini himself started exploring meditation after a skiing accident that left him in constant pain. The pills didn’t work, the meditation did.

And Aetna isn’t the only one - massive companies like Nike, Apple, Google, General Mills and even Wall Street firms like Goldman Sachs are encouraging their people to engage in conscious practices like meditation and visualization.

“This is showing me the way”

“WOW! The ‘Get Present’ exercise was amazing. Towards the end of the exercise with my eyes closed, I could see a runway in the dark with the lights on disappearing into the horizon. I took this to mean that I am on the right road and this is showing me the way.”

Jonathan Lake

“I had the most amazing meditation in the trees using a Level 5 exercise!”

“I walked down to a small plant nursery in a residential area of our neighborhood. At the far inside corner of the nursery there is an enclosed area with 15 huge old redwood trees in a “fairy ring.” Inside the ring is a chair made out of branches. I sat in the chair, opened the internet on my mobile and logged into Project:Yourself, turning on the “Subliminal Success Reprogramer” audio. I spent at least 45 minutes in my meditation and felt so grounded, aware, filled with gratitude and happiness.”


But can YOU really get these practices working for you?

Will you have the time, energy and persistence to stick to this journey and reap the rewards, like many others before you?


And here’s why the best thing you can do is start believing in yourself too...

Listen - whatever you think is holding you back right now - whether it’s the economy, the government, your family, your job, an unhealthy society, or your own crippling shortcomings...

I want you to know that you absolutely have the power to overcome it. That power is inside you, and as I’ve proven to you, this is science - not airy fairy motivational talk.

The only problem is that you haven’t been told how to access this power. In fact society itself - your parents, your mentors, your dearest friends - may have unknowingly taken you further away from this potential through unintentional disempowering programming.

So how do you rediscover it?

Way back in the 1800s, legendary thinker Ralph Waldo Emerson led a movement known as Transcendentalism.

In a nutshell, Transcendentalism is about realizing that the key to your highest potential is by conditioning yourself to honor your inner greatness.

In Transcendentalism, the concept of God is actually something that resides in all of us, because collectively, we are ALL divine.

So how do you embrace this truth? Your truth?

You must commit to persistent reflection, empowerment and reinforcement - and that’s exactly what all the Deep Dives in the Project:Yourself course will do for you.

All you need to do is say that first YES.

Now speaking of ‘God’...

I want to remind you that Project:Yourself is NOT a ‘religious’ course.

The Dalai Lama says,

“All the world’s major religions with the emphasis on love, compassion, patience, tolerance, and forgiveness can and do promote inner values. But the reality of the world today is that grounding ethics and religion is no longer adequate. This is why I am increasingly convinced that the time has come to find a way of thinking about spirituality and ethics beyond religion altogether.”

And that’s our perspective too. We openly draw on the positive elements of certain religions and traditions - without the dogma or the exclusivity clauses in some of them.

Why? Because we believe religion is not dogma or doctrines. It’s the relation between your soul and the truth from which that soul comes.

That’s why it truly doesn’t matter what your spiritual beliefs are, if you have any. Project:Yourself is a universal life-altering experience for anyone and everyone.

A rejuvenating experience for your pressured mind, body & soul

The Project:Yourself experience may be different from what you’re used to.

This isn’t a dry academic course that drains your energy and strains your mind.

Instead, you sit back and relax, on your comfy sofa if you like. Light up a sweet-smelling candle. Be wholly present in the moment. And absorb each eye-opening video, intimate exercise or immersive meditation at your own pace, on your own emotional and intellectual terms.

Don’t worry - the instructions are intuitive and easy to follow, no matter your experience level with conscious practices.

You can spend a whole evening with Project:Yourself. Or just a few minutes at your lunch break. The choice is yours, there is no pressure. The results will come to you in due time.

(And don’t be surprised if your time with the course soon starts becoming the highlight of your day.)

Experiencing Project:Yourself is like being a child again - except instead of drawing or building a tower with Lego, you’re rebuilding yourself… rediscovering and strengthening who you are… and tapping into a sense of wonder and personal magic you never knew you had.

4 ways the Project:Yourself home training course is different from other personal growth programs:

  • 1

    Deep & authentic, yet easy-to-follow ancient wisdom in every exercise, tool & meditation.

  • 2

    The latest & most accurate human potential science for optimizing your experience.

  • 3

    A strong emphasis on lasting and attainable real-world results in every area of your life.

  • 4

    The latest & most accurate human potential science for optimizing your experience.

“All this sounds good… but what kind of REAL effect will Project:Yourself have on my life?”

At its simplest, the Project:Yourself course is about designing an ideal modern lifestyle for you. A life driven by purpose. Passion. Human connections. Dizzying dreams. Deep spirituality. And paradigm shifting ideas.

Project:Yourself is about creating an internal and external reality that lets you achieve your highest aspirations in your career, finances and passions… while also having the freedom, confidence and perspective to...

Fully enjoy the moment.

Nurture your relationships.

Be present and spend more quality time with the kids and family.

Be in harmony with yourself and your surroundings.

Take a few months off a year (or even a few years off, if you like) to see the world and experience things that expand your mind and soul.

This is what happens when you start APPLYING these Deep Dives in your life: tangible change so real you can taste it!

How much happier and fulfilled would you be if you could finally pinpoint your unique purpose and how to honor it, instead of settling for uncertainty and whatever’s in front of you?

What would you be achieving in your career or business if you could perform at peak condition every day, at every meeting, in every important decision, liberated from the self-defeating thoughts and habits that have held you back for years?

How much money would you see in your bank account if you could gain an instinct for making better financial decisions… and sniffing out the abundant opportunities around you?

What kind of fulfilling relationships would you be enjoying if you had the empathic ability to deeply connect with your partner, your kids and family, your co-workers… avoid painful arguments... and fearlessly carry your most authentic self into every interaction and conversation with others?

How healthy and energetic would your body be if you could reprogram yourself to make the right nutrition, lifestyle and wellbeing decisions on autopilot, instead of damaging yourself with unhealthy habits?

Remember, you’re not just ordering a course - you’re taking your place in a global tribe and movement.

Over 70,000 people from all walks of life make up the global Project:Yourself tribe.

Our one thing in common? Our passion for a more abundant, meaningful and joyful life - and for awakening our highest potential.

When you join this community, you’ll be invited to connect with the tribe through our online membership area and our live events - and to participate in our mission to elevate the planet, one person at a time.

We believe in authentic friendships, co-creation and collective wisdom. So there will always be a spot for you at our campfire, whether it’s a digital one or a real one.

The decision you make today could change someone else’s life too.

Order the Project:Yourself Home Training Course today, and our publisher Deep Origins will donate 10% of your investment to underserved communities worldwide.

The Shah Education and Exploration Foundation (SEEF) is a unique 501(c)(3) nonprofit that combines adventuring and philanthropy to help the people who need it most. SEEF provides crucial education and infrastructural developments to underserved communities surrounding historic ancient locations - including the indigenous communities surrounding Machu Picchu in Peru, and Dwarka in India.The beauty of this approach is in the chain reaction effect it creates: if we are able to provide education to even a small segment of a community, these efforts will organically replicate until the entire community’s knowledge is elevated.

Our ultimate goal is that through education, we will eventually create thriving, economically independent and sustainable communities around all of our planet’s historical landmarks, to the benefit of both these communities and the rest of the planet.

Your automatic donation helps us invest in equipment, supplies, raw materials and manpower for our missions. Thank you!

The Last Word: is the Project:Yourself experience for YOU?

If you strongly identify with any of the following statements...

I am searching for a personal breakthrough…

Something’s missing, I crave a deeper meaning to life…

I need to quickly solve an urgent problem or personal shortcoming…

I know I am capable of so much more...

I want to achieve a specific goal in my career, finances, health or relationships…

I want to live a more spiritual and conscious life...

I would love to join a tribe of kindred spirits on a journey of self empowerment...

(Or even if you don’t fit with any of the above, but some of what you’ve read so far has ignited a curiosity or yearning in you…)

… then the answer is YES. Look at the undeniable science, the authentic ancient wisdom, the thousands of success stories you’ll find here… and you’ll realize you owe it to yourself to at least try this experience.

BUT please remember:

If you are unwilling to commit to the process… and to stay present and positive throughout this journey... and to embrace positive change in every area of your life - then Project:Yourself may not be for you.

The Project:Yourself experience is a two-way street - and as long as you play your part and give it your best shot, it could be one of the best things that ever happened to you.

Oh, and one more thing:

You’d better be ready to play a bigger game - because the Project:Yourself tribe won’t let you stay small!

Together, each of us will hold each other accountable for making an ongoing IMPACT... by first changing how things are done in our own lives.

Then, we will spread this wisdom to our friends, family and co-workers... and even into the communities, systems and institutions surrounding us.

In other words, each of us is becoming an ambassador. A positive change agent. A facilitator of a new model of reality.

This is why before you even consider becoming one of these determined Projectors... you need to be sure that you're ready to think and act BIG.

If that's not you, I ask that you look elsewhere, and save the limited spots for someone else.

You deserve accessible and affordable wisdom.

People do all sorts of things to find the kind of life-changing wisdom and tools you’ll get in the Project:Yourself course. For instance:

  • Study volumes of dense ancient scriptures and scientific research...
  • Read hundreds of books that attempt to adapt that information for practical use…
  • Spend thousands of dollars on classes, personal coaches and expensive training...
  • Or even sacrifice months or years in intensive retreats that cut them off from the real world.

The problem? Most people don’t have the time, money or patience to dive that deep… and if they did, we’d be living in a different world!

That’s why we’re committed to making Project:Yourself as time-efficient and affordable as possible.

By studying at a comfortable pace, you can finish the entire course in just a number of weeks - and spend a few minutes a day consistently practicing your Deep Dives.

As for cost? There is still an investment required (only $297) to sustain our movement and to lock in your intent through a meaningful transaction.

But for this level of training, and for the results it will give you - we dare say this is one of the single most affordable paths to sparking lasting transformation in every area of life that matters to you.

“I still feel the energy…”

“After just this first experience I can feel the ether flow into my being. As I am typing I still feel the energy flow in my hands as if there is a higher vibration entering my soul. I am looking forward to tapping into this universal energy and expanding my reality into my visions.”


“Not just a coincidence…”

“Last week I was speaking with a family member about something I planned on purchasing for a hobby (this was on Wednesday). The following Monday a life long friend that enjoys the same hobby called me and asked if I could pass by. I was given an early Christmas gift that was the same thing I was planning on purchasing, which by the way cost a few hundred dollars. In the past I have not manifested this fast, also, I attribute this program to being aware of the process, because before I would have thought it was just a coincidence.”

Rene Birabent

“It’s been getting my creative juices flowing”

“I have long had a goal of creating a non profit that I travel the world for, enriching people’s physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual wellbeing. Since starting Project:Yourself I have been introduced to TWO opportunities for fulfilling my goal. It’s getting my creative juices flowing to figure out what I want and what I don’t want. Before PY, I had not attracted any opportunities. I think that’s pretty major.”

Carol Larssen

The Project:Yourself Pledge

When you stay committed to the Project:Yourself process, you will experience at least ONE positive reality shift by the time you finish the course.

It could be something you achieve at work. It might be a special person that comes into your life. Maybe a health issue you had will start to disappear. You might even just start seeing the world in a different light.

Only you can control exactly what this shift will be.

All I can promise is that you will experience it. And that you'll enjoy every step of the journey getting there.

If the Project:Yourself course doesn't fulfill this promise, or if you decide not to continue with it for whatever reason (even if you're just too busy), email us at within 30 days for a full, no-questions-asked refund. You can even keep the bonuses - our way of saying thanks for trying the course.

The one decision that could change everything for you.

If you’ve been following the science of human behavior, you may have stumbled on the field of epigenetics:

The study of how the thoughts and choices that you consciously make daily will reinforce your behavior on a molecular level...

Until you’re soon making those same choices and thoughts on autopilot.

I’m sure you can see the benefit of this already -

Imagine how your life would change if you could turn the best things about yourself - the good decisions and habits, the conscious practices, the peak states of creativity, flow and intuition - into things you do on autopilot.

As effortlessly as brushing your teeth before bed.

(And on the flip side, imagine the kind of downward spiral you’ll get into, if you kept on feeding your negative side by getting stuck in a set of habits and beliefs that don’t serve your highest potential.)

The truth, then, is simple…

Upgrading your thoughts, decisions and behavior - and elevating your life in the process - is about repeatedly DOING the things that correspond with the person you want to be.

Want to be a punctual person?

Start being on time more often.

Want to stop procrastinating?

Then do things early.

Want to live a more empowered, abundant, conscious life?

Then start absorbing more practices into your daily routine that ignite those power from inside you…

Until they become an effortless habit.

That’s where the Project:Yourself course helps you.

Like our 100,000+ students will tell you - awakening your deepest potential has never been this simple, affordable and enjoyable.

Don’t procrastinate on what you deserve. Don’t second-guess your intuition. And don’t fall into the trap of believing you’re not able or worthy.

I believe there’s a greater human being in you. An empowered creator. A more abundant entrepreneur or professional. A better friend, parent and lover. An effective leader.

And all you need to do is make a decision to step into that power.

Order the course on this page today, while your deepest attention is still on your highest intention - and let’s find out what you’re really capable of.

Amish Shah, founder of Project:Yourself

Here’s a summary of what you’re getting with the Project:Yourself home training course:

Dozens of high-definition video lessons spread out over 9 exhilarating levels...

9 interactive PDF workbooks full of mind-expanding exercises…

80+ powerful tools and exercises to choose from in areas including…

  • Scientific Meditation
  • Sacred Geometry
  • Heart Intelligence
  • Deep Breathing
  • Lucid Dreaming
  • Astrology
  • Chanting
  • Chakra Work
  • Sexual Transmutation

A sincere and unconditional 30-day money back guarantee…

Four free handpicked bonuses you’ll love:


2 months subscription to Conscious Calendars - the easy way to align your life with cosmic rhythm (worth $25.90)

Conscious Calendars is a powerful technology I have developed with the help of acclaimed Vedic astrologer Kathleen Whalen. The idea is simple: astrology (the real kind, not the tabloid kind) is an extremely powerful way to make better decisions and avoid unnecessary risks.

Yet it’s also infuriatingly complex for the average person to grasp.

Conscious Calendars makes astrology easy through a color-coded calendar that immediately tells you the ‘flavor’ of a day: green means GO, yellow means proceed with caution, and red means lay low.

You’ll love how Conscious Calendars helps you plan important decisions... get the most from events like launches, meetings, weddings, holidays… and even allow more ‘lucky’ coincidences into your life. So these 2 free months are our gift to you.


A digital copy of my debut documentary film, Dwarka: Atlantis of the East (worth $24.95)

Dwarka: Atlantis of the East is a film about an ancient secret buried beneath one of the world’s oldest cities in the Arabian sea. It’s also the first ever film I made after I started aligning with my deepest passions and potential through the Project:Yourself curriculum.

And so giving you this film (plus the bonus extras, including a field guide to ancient hotspots worldwide) serves two purposes:

Firstly, it will open your eyes to the stunning technology and wisdom our ancestors possessed - so much of it lost through time.

Second, by showing you how a guy with zero filmmaking experience was able to make a documentary from scratch… it will show you just what’s possible when you start tapping into your inner riches!


2x group coaching calls to keep you on your most rewarding path (worth $94)

Puja and I love doing group coaching calls with the community. It’s the single best way to find out what you’re going through, what you’re experiencing with the course, what’s keeping you stuck - and most importantly to map out a personalized game plan to get you where you want to be. These 60-minute group calls are designed to simulate a highly intimate and personal coaching session. We’ll chat, address each other’s issues, and deeply connect through group mind-body-spirit exercises. All as we hold a respectful and positive space for each other.


4x Consciousness Elevation video training sessions covering advanced topics from prana to soul science (worth $47)

Back in 2012, I invited a small group of Project:Yourself graduates on a journey into the deeper end of spirituality and personal growth.

I called this journey Project:Growth. It spanned 4 months of intimate training sessions. And the remarkable sessions and breakthroughs we experienced together have never been made public - until now.

To thank you for your quick decision to try Project:Yourself, I’m giving you 4 video recordings of Project:Growth’s most powerful lessons:

  1. How to use lucid dreaming to design your dreams & uncover truths in your waking reality
  1. How to harness the cosmic force known as prana
  1. How to strengthen your heart Chakra
  1. The science of your soul & how to connect with your 3 bodies


The Following Extremely Limited Livecast All-Star Bonus Package...

The first exclusive livecast bonus is a digital copy of John Assaraf’s bestselling How To Get More Done In Less Time video training course worth $250
(limited to the first 200 new students ONLY - Sorry all gone)

One of John’s single most popular video courses, How To Get More Done In Less Time is packed with tools, templates and strategies for breaking free from the trivial daily tasks that suck up your time and energy - and instead focus on high impact activities that rocket you towards your greatest self.

The second exclusive livecast bonus is three transcripts of David Wolfe’s most popular talks on nutrition, wellbeing and healing worth $87

These transcripts were taken from David’s presentations an exclusive closed-door event for some of the world’s most prominent healthcare and wellbeing professionals… and in them you’ll find powerful yet practical advice for elevating your health, nutrition and energy to their optimal levels.


The third exclusive livecast bonus is a recording of Crossing the Event Horizon, a workshop with Nassim Haramein worth $64.

In this extraordinary presentation, Nassim Haramein will guide you on an exhilarating odyssey through humanity’s evolutionary path, and show you a way to live, act and think in alignment with the laws of nature.

The fourth exclusive livecast bonus is a selection of Niraj Naik's three bestselling tools for healing and peak performance worth $97

Included in this powerful pack of bonuses is a mini video breathing course that will show you how to boost your immune system through breathwork... plus a set of Trypnosis audios that combine brainwave entrainment, meditation music and subliminal acoustic hypnosis to awaken your peak state

The fifth exclusive livecast bonus is Trupti Gokani’s popular Ayurvedic cookbook: Lose Weight And Feel Great, The Ayurvedic Way worth $27.

If you’re looking to lose weight or just improve your diet, this cookbook could change your life! Through simple, quick and practical steps, Trupti will show you how to harness ancient Ayurvedic ingredients and cooking methods to prepare healthier food that promotes healing, wellbeing and energy for you and your family.

And the sixth exclusive livecast bonus is… a digital copy of this livecast itself that you can rewatch anytime! (worth $97)

There will be no replay of this livecast! In fact we’ll be repackaging as a standalone product in future. So the only way to watch it again for free and revisit all the information covered in this massive 8-hour session is to buy the Project:Yourself course before midnight and get this high-quality digital recording.

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Order on this page NOW to claim your limited-time Livecast All-Star Bonus Package with the Project:Yourself home training course.


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100% money back guarantee * Authentic science & ancient wisdom * Lifetime community & customer support access * Security & privacy guaranteed

Your Project:Yourself course includes:

  • The full 9-part Project:Yourself home training course
  • 80+ interactive tools and exercises in fields like guided meditation, deep breathing and chakras
  • Lifetime membership to our membership site and global community of 100,000+ Projectors
  • A host of handpicked bonuses worth $204.80, including:
  • 2 months FREE subscription to Conscious Calendars
  • A digital copy of Dwarka: Atlantis of the East
  • 2x group coaching sessions
  • 4x Conscious Elevation training videos

PLUS: $622 worth of additional FREE Livecast bonuses when you order:

  • John Assaraf’s "How To Get More Done In Less Time" course worth $250 (for the first 200 buyers ONLY, Sorry all gone)
  • David Wolfe’s 3 bestselling transcripts on nutrition, healing & wellbeing worth $87
  • Nassim Haramein’s Crossing The Horizon workshop recording worth $64
  • Niraj Naik’s 3 tools for healing and peak performance worth $97
  • Trupti Gokani’s Ayurvedic Cook Book worth $27
  • A high-quality digital copy of the 8-hour livecast worth $97
  • And other unannounced surprise bonuses!

“I have tried tons of programs, but they all felt like something was missing”

“They all had parts that worked, but I never was able to fully transform myself. This program resonated with me from the beginning. It is the first comprehensive program that is not too hard to accomplish. I feel that I will fully transform my life here.”


“I’ve just been (re)born!”

“Woah, Amish... all I’ve done is the Sri Yantra exercise and I’m trembling! I feel like a thick, heavy wet blanket was just stripped away. My God, it was a womb, I’ve just been born! I have the rest of my life to live and share in love with the world. Thanks for the hand up…”


“This course is AMAZING.”

“Since I started meditating with the Sri Yantra, I feel things are shifting & changing in a subtle way in myself and my life. I get new insights and things start to feel less daunting. I sense that my brain patterns start to become more connected to my selves and the Universe and I believe it will become over time unified. I’xd like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this ancient invaluable tool that guides us in such a magical way.”


“Thank you, thank you, thank you”

“I appreciate you for stepping out and deciding to share your valuable knowledge and also facilitating this incredible ‘zone’. It’s perfectly clear that a lot of Love, Understanding, Caring & Kindness (LUCK) has gone into this. Loved everything about Level 1 - especially the methodical structure and lay out, but again this whole gem is structured quite beautifully. Nothing like most of the regurgitated material out there…”


“Transcending the boundaries…”

“Amish, you’re transcending the boundaries of Personal Development with this AMAZING course!! I just want to thank you for sharing this wisdom and powerful techniques with all of us.”

Marina Castaneda

“I am so happy to have found Project:Yourself”

“I was driving home from work just now, feeling fine, when all the sudden I get flashes of the worst times I have lived through and start crying hysterically and very vocal. Very unlike me. I felt sorrow pouring out of me and then something heavy lifted out of my chest  and I stopped crying. After that I "heard" silence. So trippy! It must be from the meditations, it felt like a huge 4th chakra energy healing, just delayed? Thanks, I am never disappointed. I am so happy to have found Project:Yourself, it is exactly what I was looking for.”


Order on this page NOW to claim your limited-time Livecast All-Star Bonus Package with the Project:Yourself home training course.


Need An Installment Plan?

>>> Take Advantage of This 2-Pay Option! <<<

100% money back guarantee * Authentic science & ancient wisdom * Lifetime community & customer support access * Security & privacy guaranteed

Your Project:Yourself course includes:

  • The full 9-part Project:Yourself home training course
  • 80+ interactive tools and exercises in fields like guided meditation, deep breathing and chakras
  • Lifetime membership to our membership site and global community of 100,000+ Projectors
  • A host of handpicked bonuses worth $204.80, including:
  • 2 months FREE subscription to Conscious Calendars
  • A digital copy of Dwarka: Atlantis of the East
  • 2x group coaching sessions
  • 4x Conscious Elevation training videos

PLUS: $622 worth of additional FREE Livecast bonuses when you order:

  • John Assaraf’s "How To Get More Done In Less Time" course worth $250 (for the first 200 buyers ONLY, Sorry all gone)
  • David Wolfe’s 3 bestselling transcripts on nutrition, healing & wellbeing worth $87
  • Nassim Haramein’s Crossing The Horizon workshop recording worth $64
  • Niraj Naik’s 3 tools for healing and peak performance worth $97
  • Trupti Gokani’s Ayurvedic Cook Book worth $27
  • A high-quality digital copy of the 8-hour livecast worth $97
  • And other unannounced surprise bonuses!

This course is proudly published by Deep Origins

Deep Origins is a publisher of online training courses that embody authentic ancient wisdom and futuristic science for better living. We believe wisdom, self-empowerment and connectedness are the keys to a better future for mankind - and a more abundant life for you.

Every Deep Origins course is built on 5 key foundations:

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Order on this page NOW to claim your limited-time Livecast All-Star Bonus Package with the Project:Yourself home training course.


Need An Installment Plan?

>>> Take Advantage of This 2-Pay Option! <<<

100% money back guarantee * Authentic science & ancient wisdom * Lifetime community & customer support access * Security & privacy guaranteed

Your Project:Yourself course includes:

  • The full 9-part Project:Yourself home training course
  • 80+ interactive tools and exercises in fields like guided meditation, deep breathing and chakras
  • Lifetime membership to our membership site and global community of 100,000+ Projectors
  • A host of handpicked bonuses worth $204.80, including:
  • 2 months FREE subscription to Conscious Calendars
  • A digital copy of Dwarka: Atlantis of the East
  • 2x group coaching sessions
  • 4x Conscious Elevation training videos

PLUS: $622 worth of additional FREE Livecast bonuses when you order:

  • John Assaraf’s "How To Get More Done In Less Time" course worth $250 (for the first 200 buyers ONLY, Sorry all gone)
  • David Wolfe’s 3 bestselling transcripts on nutrition, healing & wellbeing worth $87
  • Nassim Haramein’s Crossing The Horizon workshop recording worth $64
  • Niraj Naik’s 3 tools for healing and peak performance worth $97
  • Trupti Gokani’s Ayurvedic Cook Book worth $27
  • A high-quality digital copy of the 8-hour livecast worth $97
  • And other unannounced surprise bonuses!

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