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As the world shifts into a new era of consciousness… isn’t it time you woke up to your highest Purpose and Potential?

Say YES to your exciting new career as one of the world’s first Project:Yourself LUMINARIES...

And let us guide you towards a lucrative and fulfilling new Life Path by becoming our ambassador for ancient wisdom, and elevating thousands of lives worldwide (including your own).


The Project:Luminary certification program is for you if you want to:

  • Rise up to become the greatest version of yourself in this new era of mass consciousness, and break away from your limiting beliefs, fears and insecurities…
  • Gain a new stream of scalable wealth, and even a new career so you can carve your own personal path to freedom and awakening…
  • Break free from an unfulfilling career or lifestyle, and finally gain the time, freedom, energy and inspiration to live the kind of life you only ever dared daydream about…
  • Inspire your loved ones by becoming a fearless inspiration to them, and taking the kind of bold steps in your life most people only talk about...
  • Gain the opportunity to help dozens, hundreds, then thousands of people in your circle, in your community, and even in the Project:Yourself community…
  • Build your own personal brand, legend, movement or tribe...
  • Or even just wake up every morning knowing you’re creating good karma, making a difference, and living a purpose-driven life.

This program brings together a training curriculum, a community and support network, a business platform, and an exhilarating live event…

To give you all the training, support, wisdom, strategies and tools you need to help others elevate their lives through Project:Yourself’s curriculum of ancient wisdom.

Others may know this path as being a ‘coach’. But we call it being a luminary - because it’s as much about helping others as it is about being so self-empowered and actualized… that you inspire people through your very presence.

Whether you’re looking for a part-time career, a new hobby, a total career makeover, your own tribe, or even just the chance to create more impact and connections in your life - this program could spark the personal breakthrough you’ve been looking for.

Here’s what you’re getting in the
Project:Luminary certification program:

1. The complete Project:Luminary multimedia training curriculum (value: $1,999), packed with dozens of videos, exercises and workbooks for mastering the 4P’s of becoming a Luminary:

PURPOSE (finding, honoring and staying consistent with your purpose)

PEOPLE (connecting with and serving others)

POTENTIAL (awakening your true potential and gifts)

PROSPERITY (expanding your movement, earning wealth and creating mass scale impact)

From meditation and Ayurvedic dietary advice… to coaching business strategies and powerful leadership principles… you’ll get hundreds of hours of world-class holistic training for living your highest purpose, achieving your highest potential, and empowering others through ancient wisdom.

The full Project:Luminary curriculum outline will be released to you upon successful registration.

2. A stunning Project:Luminary physical kit shipped to your doorstep (value: $1,000), packed with authentically produced ancient tools and artifacts for bending reality, amplifying the results of your conscious practices, and for use in sessions with your students.

This is your coaching toolkit in a box:

  • Incense
  • Scented candles
  • Spices (cinnamon, vanilla, sandalwood, etc.)
  • Dream journal
  • Mantra cards
  • Crystals and moonstones
  • Ancient symbols (Sri Yantra)
  • Aura Lamp

This physical kit will be shipped to you before the live event in October.

3. Lifetime membership to our exclusive Luminary inner circle (value: PRICELESS), which includes:

  • A place on our website’s upcoming Luminary directory and marketplace (we get thousands of visits per month)
  • Full access to our exclusive Luminary membership site, where you’ll interact with the tribe
  • Your very own subpage on our site for powerful co-branding opportunities
  • Exclusive early access and discounts on future Deep Origins content, which you can use on yourself, your students, or to sell

4. Co-creation and co-earning opportunities in Deep Origins’ upcoming courses, campaigns and films (value: $8,000).

We’re committed to turning this adventure into a lucrative career for you - so we’re giving you unheard-of access to our marketing, publishing and monetization platforms.

Our movement Deep Origins is an active producer of films, live events, home training courses, and in the near future, natural health supplements.

As a Luminary, you’ll get exclusive co-creation, co-branding and co-EARNING opportunities with us for future content. We’re even open to publishing your material and partnering with you!

This is an extremely powerful opportunity to amplify your income, brand and exposure like never before.

5. Ongoing live masterminds with the Luminary community (value: $1,000), so you’re constantly gaining the most from our collective wisdom and experience.

Every part of the Project:Luminary experience is infused with mastermind and collaboration elements.

We’ll host daily masterminds at our live event.

After the live event, we’ll do a permanent online monthly mastermind with the entire Luminary community.

Picture the branding ideas you’ll get, the new coaching tools and wisdom, the lessons and mistakes you’ll know to avoid, and the brilliant, out-of-the-box strategies you’ll get for boosting your income and growing your coaching business.

6. The live 3-day Project:Luminary retreat in San Diego, California (value: $3,000).

To the best of our knowledge, NOBODY has done this for a coaching certification program...

The Project:Luminary live retreat - all expenses paid, except your flight - happens in San Diego, California.

It’s an ancient all-immersive adventure and a world-class intensive coaching training program, rolled into one incredible experience.

Activities will include:

  • Extensive personal growth, spirituality and business training covering every part of the Luminary curriculum.
  • Exhilarating mind-body-spirit experiences including guided meditation and yoga sessions.
  • Exploration of iconic San Diego beaches and forests.
  • Authentic ancient rituals with elders, for you to experience the unique energy of this magical location.
  • Masterminds, lunches in town, and intimate bonding sessions with your new Luminary tribe.

Plus three FREE bonuses for a richer experience on your Luminary adventure:

FREE BONUS 1: 4x follow-up LIVE group calls with Amish and Puja after the live event (value: $400).

This is separate from the masterminds, and will be used as huddle and problem-solving sessions to fine tune your personal brand, coaching strategies, business expansion plans, and keep you on your highest path.

FREE BONUS 2: Beautifully bound binders and DVDs of the entire training curriculum (value: $600).

We’re professionally printing EVERYTHING for you, and even including additional workbooks and resources to give you the best possible learning experience. This package will look great on your bookshelf!

FREE BONUS 3: Every single personal growth training course we’ve EVER published (value: $429.85).

As a Project:Yourself Luminary, we believe you should gain the benefits of all our training material - both for yourself, and for your future clients. That’s why we’re giving you free access to every course we’ve ever published, including:

  • Our flagship Project:Yourself home training course worth $297 - yours free.
  • Our bestselling Project:Wealth course for creating more wealth and success worth $47 - yours free.
  • Our brand new Deep Dive Guided Meditation Pack featuring a wide selection of guided meditations powered by HoloSync(r) technology worth $47 - yours free.
  • 2 months of access to our Conscious Calendars color-coded astrological daily calendar technology by Vedic Astrologer Kathleen Whalen worth $25.90 - yours free.
  • 1 month access to our Ancient Explorers Premium service, to keep you updated on the latest discoveries in the world of ancient wisdom and archaeology worth $12.95 - yours free.

… and finally, three extremely limited early bird bonuses for the first 10 new Luminaries ONLY:

FIRST 10 BONUS 1: A $500 discount on your certification program investment.

FIRST 10 BONUS 2: 2x PRIVATE masterminds during our trip in San Diego, California (value: $1,000). Just 10 of us in an extremely intimate setting, you’ll have our undivided attention.

FIRST 10 BONUS 3: 2x PRIVATE coaching calls with Amish and Puja (value: $1,000). This is your ONLY chance to get one-on-one private coaching with us, we don’t even offer it under normal circumstances. We’ll dig DEEP into your personal aspirations, and tailor-make an action plan just for you.

The Project:Luminary certification program gives you over $18,429 in immediate dollar value
(and so much more in long-term benefits)...

Yet your investment is just $5,000!

Only 25 18 spots available. Quick, you have two options to secure yours:

1. The instant option (highly recommended):

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If you love what you’re seeing, but you have questions or doubts that you need addressed before committing, we’d be happy to chat with you first.

Please note that by the time we get talking, the First 10 discount and bonuses may have been snapped up (in fact depending on reception, we may also be out of the 25 Luminary spots altogether).

A fully refundable $500 deposit is required for this option (this is just to serve as a filter to make sure we get serious applicants - your refund will be processed at the end of our conversation).

Prefer this option? Click the button below, we’ll get back to you within 24 hours to schedule a chat:


All applications are processed on a first-come-first-serve basis. Thank you for your interest and passion!

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