If you feel there’s a Higher Self you’re not consistently accessing… and an untapped ability or purpose just out of your reach...

When Will You Finally Choose To Awaken This Awe-Inspiring Power You Were Born With?

The Deep Dive Guided Meditations on this page are lovingly crafted with one purpose: to guide you on a journey inwards, into your dormant reality-bending energies, where the true power to elevate your life resides.

A note from Puja Shah:

Coursing through humanity - and through YOU - is a remarkable power.

A power that transcends time, space and culture.

A power capable of bending the fabric of reality.

A power that, through no fault of our own, 99% of us will never gain access to.

To be in that 1% is to discover your true essence.

And to be in that 1% is to have...

The Ultimate Human Experience.

Meditation - and I mean, proper meditation - is the gateway to this ultimate human experience.

The omniscient Yogi Shiva knew this. As did the Buddha. As did Paramahansa Yogananda, Nikola Tesla, and even Steve Jobs.

Modern science now knows this too - with recent studies showing how meditation physically strengthens your brain*. And how it even rearranges your DNA**, turning you into a smarter, stronger, more self-aware individual.

But what exactly do I mean by ultimate human experience? Well once you tap into the truest power of meditation, you gain:

  • The power to draw infinite success and abundance into your life, by tuning your individual ‘frequency’ to attract the people, outcomes and opportunities that will propel you towards your personal desires.
  • The ability to not just relax and focus - but to see, hear, taste, smell, touch, perceive things and even achieve a level of creativity and intuition far beyond the normal human spectrum (imagine how this will impact your career!)
  • The space to not just detach from your thoughts - but to temporarily separate from your emotions, from the illusion of Self, from all external stimuli, and in that moment discover what it means to simply Be.
  • And of course, the power to not just enjoy meditation in that moment - but to return to the physical world with the gifts and insights from your Deep Dive… and use this afterglow to perform better in your career and finances. Be a better friend, lover and family member. And live at the peak of your mental, physical and spiritual potential.

* Source: http://meditation-research.org.uk/2014/03/meditation-and-neuroplasticity-five-key-articles/
** Source: http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/changing-our-dna-through-mind-control/

The Problem? A Combination Of These 6 Blocks Are Holding You Back From Enjoying The Fullest Benefits Of Meditation:

1. You can’t focus.
2. Mental chatter trips you up.
3. You can’t stay awake.
4. You get physically restless.
5. You can’t commit to a daily meditation practice.
6. A deep set negative belief or imprint is sabotaging you.

Most conscious creators meditate. Yet in my interactions with my students, I know so many - most likely including you - have been unable to fully overcome these challenges on their own.

And so if you like the idea of mastering meditation… amplifying your results… and reaping the highest rewards of this practice - allow me to share an insight I’ve gained through 14+ years of personal coaching and deep contemplative practice:

Guided Meditation Is THE Most Effective Tool In Existence For Making Meditation Easy - And For Enjoying All Its Life-Changing Benefits.

Let me put it this way: if you want the most efficient way to get and stay physically fit, you don’t just go to gym and wing it - you get a trainer who shows you how to work with your body and stay motivated.

Same goes for your daily meditation practice.

Meditating daily is not enough. What you need is to meditate daily, with the right guidance and technique to access, nurture and grow your deepest reality-bending powers.

That’s where guided meditation comes in.

Having an experienced meditation coach guide you through your meditation…

Using the right triggers, words and scenarios to get you in the right frame of mind, body and spirit…

Getting your pacing and breathing just right to ease you into a higher state of being, and keep you there…

And even using specific sounds to deepen you and detach you from your conscious thoughts...

This is precisely what it takes you awaken the full power of your conscious practice!

And It Doesn’t Even Matter If You’re An Experienced Meditator… Or A Complete Beginner.

Guided meditation works for anyone. And it can elevate anyone’s life in surprising ways.

How can I be so sure? Because apart from my clients… guided meditation is a daily ritual in the Shah household too :-)

This is what we do first thing every morning. It’s like breakfast for the soul.

After seeing what guided meditation has done for me and the people I love… I can’t wait to help you reap its benefits in your life too.

All you need is a few short minutes a day - and, with your permission, my sincere guidance...

These Project:Yourself Deep Dive Guided Meditation Audios Infuse Ancient Wisdom And Modern Technology In A Transformational Way That Will Pleasantly Surprise You.

  • 1

    First, you’re exposed to a blend of Eastern mindfulness philosophies that evoke blissfully immersive imagery for deeper states of relaxation and spiritual connection (the secret is in the careful choice of words, flow and scenarios you’re taken through).

  • 2

    Then, you’re given scientifically verified ancient breathing techniques that create a rhythm of deepening that fills you with joy and relaxation, no matter what baggage you bring to your session.

  • 3

    Finally, your experience is enhanced with space-age binaural beats technology that synchronizes with your brainwaves, dramatically reduces mind chatter, and guides you smoothly into a deeper state - even if you’ve never meditated or can’t meditate consistently.

Relax! Each of the above steps are enjoyable, easy to follow, and do not require
any spiritual beliefs or prior meditation experience.

This Unique Union Of The Ancient & The Modern Makes Meditation More Easy, Enjoyable & Transformational Than Anything Else You May Have Tried In The Past!

The spiritual sensations… the sensory wonders… and of course the practical benefits of a consistently deep meditation practice… I can’t wait for you to experience these benefits for yourself!

All you need to do is press PLAY and listen to my soothing instructions.

These high-quality MP3s can be played online or loaded onto your computer, smartphone or media device for quiet ‘me time’ at home. Or a quick on-the-go lunch break session.

The Project:Yourself Deep Dive Guided Meditation Pack Gives You 8 Unique Sessions For A Wide Spectrum Of Transcendent Outcomes:

Session 1: The Infinite Compassion Meditation

This session cultivates your inner benevolence, which you can then spread inwards to yourself, or outwards towards others.

Use this when you want...

  • A dose of positivity and self-confidence before an important meeting or decision.
  • A more fruitful and empathic conversation with a person or group of people.
  • To find the best holistic solution to a challenge you or someone else is facing.

Session 2: The Whole Presence Meditation

This meditation eases you into the deepest state of inner awareness, giving you the gift of whole presence in any situation.

Use this when you want...

  • To silence even the loudest inner and outer distractions, and focus on an important task.
  • To spend quality time with a person you love, even when you’re busy or stressed.
  • To get clear on what you really want and feel, when you’re feeling a little lost or aimless.

Session 3: The Unbreakable Calmness Meditation

This meditation unifies your mind and body, allowing you to experience undiluted connection and relaxation.

Use this when you want...

  • To relax and unwind after a stressful day.
  • To start your day on a positive note of calmness.
  • A nightcap for a deep, restful and refreshing sleep.

Session 4: The Deep Trust Meditation

This meditation builds in you a sense of deep inner trust - in yourself and in others.

Use this when you want...

  • To reinforce trust in your own decisions and emotions, and minimize second-guessing.
  • To motivate a loved one by projecting trusting and positive vibrations onto them.
  • To move forwards without looking back.

Session 5: The Heart-Centered Meditation

This meditation opens your heart Chakra, connects you to your heart intelligence, and awakens your highest state of consciousness.

Use this when you want...

  • To do a ‘gut check’ on whether you’re pursuing the right aspirations and decisions.
  • To resolve a mild or severe conflict with a partner, family member or friend.
  • To approach a problem from a more heart-centric perspective, instead of just pure logic.

Session 6: The Superhuman Senses Meditation

This meditation calls on elements of nature to energize your senses and intensify the inherent joyfulness of life.

Use this when you want...

  • To amplify your enjoyment of an event, a trip, an art gallery, or even just a walk in a park.
  • To perceive and recall the more subtle details of a particular encounter or event.
  • To find the unspoken truths and patterns within a social, professional or romantic situation.

Session 7: The Endless Smile Meditation

This meditation is inspired by the philosophy of Eastern mindfulness practitioner Thich Nhat Hanh, who says "smile, breathe and go slowly."

Use this when you want...

  • To smile, find joy and erase negativity from ANY situation :-)

Session 8: The Inner Child Meditation

This meditation calls on the eternal inner child within your subconscious, where the purest manifestation of your soul resides.

Use this when you want...

  • To repair or reunite lost parts of your subconscious that have broken away from your soul due to emotional trauma, fear or loss.
  • To find the embedded joy in childhood moments that your conscious mind no longer remembers.
  • To remind yourself that age really is just a number - and that eternal youth is yours if you want it!

Why You’ll Love These Deep Dive Guided Meditation Sessions:

  • You’ll enjoy real & lasting results. The ancient philosophies in these audios are authentic and have stood the test of time. While the binaural beats technology is scientifically solid. Millions of people have changed their lives with these tools - and now you will too.
  • Your meditation sessions will become the highlight of your day. Our unique approach to guided meditation makes this powerful practice easy for you. And a whole lot of fun. We guarantee you’ll look forward to your alone time, because any frustrations of the past will make way for consistent results and epiphanies.
  • These audios SOUND good. If you enjoy listening to chill out music, you’ll love the effort we’ve put into making sure these high-quality MP3s sound as good as they make you feel. Subtle binaural beats combined with my relaxing voice will massage your mind into a deeper, more blissful state.

When’s The Last Time You Had A Proper Date With Yourself?

Just picture lighting up a scented candle in the evening… dimming the lights in your room… and pressing play as you fold your legs onto a soft pillow.

There are no distractions. No phone calls, barking dogs or yelling kids.

There is only you.

And as the soothing sound of my voice guides you into the essence of your being, you smile as you’re reminded something:

You deserve more YOU time like this.

And through these guided meditations, you now have a reason to date your highest self just a little more often :-)

Our Overjoyed-Or-Nothing Guarantee

Amish and I guarantee you’ll be overjoyed with every session in this pack. In fact we dare say it’ll be the most enjoyable and transformational meditation experience you’ve ever had - or we’ll return every cent of your money with no questions. We’ll even give you 30 days to decide if you want to keep it.

I have no intention of rushing you... but the guided meditation sessions in this pack were created to be sold in the coming months in our upcoming online catalogue. This exclusive pack is our gift to the Project:Yourself community: your opportunity to get these sessions before the rest of the world. And at a generous discount.

The soon-to-be price of these guided meditation audios is $8.88 per session - which works out to $71 for this pack of 8 sessions.

Instead, you’re getting it for just $47. That’s a huge discount on the retail - and only $5.88 per session for a set of audios that will pay for themselves many times over as an indispensable part of your daily conscious practice.

Your Meditation Practice Deserves This. YOU Deserve This.

The truest form of meditation is not challenging. It’s not a practice you struggle with in any way.

It’s a daily habit that comes to you as naturally as breathing.

And just like breathing, it nourishes you in ways nothing else can.

I created each of these guided meditations to make meditation easier for you. More enjoyable. And most importantly, to help you unlock the FULL reality-bending power of this incredible practice.

I urge you to try this Deep Dive Guided Meditation Pack. No matter what level you’re at, or where you’re at in your personal journey. You have nothing to lose and a Universe of benefits to gain.

Just place your order below to get started within minutes.

And again - thank you for welcoming my stepping forwards to serve the tribe!

FREE Gratitude Bonus: Two Powerful Deep Dive Guided Meditations To Add To Your Collection

Here’s a thank you bonus from me to you: two more of my students’ favorite guided meditations to evoke positive results you can feel in your mind, body and spirit.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the effect these have just a few moments after pressing play:

FREE Guided Meditation 1: The Japa Meditation

This meditation invokes the ancient Vedic form of Japa meditation through chanting, to guide you into a uniquely calm and blissful state of mind.

FREE Guided Meditation 2: The Solar Plexus Meditation

This meditation hones in on your solar plexus Chakra to give an instant boost to your intuition. Ideal for when you need to make a tricky decision.

Order Your Project:Yourself Deep Dive Guided Meditation Pack Now & Get Instant Access To 8 High-Quality MP3 Sessions - Plus The Above Free Bonuses.

This is a digital-only product. No physical packaging means
you’re paying no postage… helping preserve natural resources…
plus you get your sessions instantly.


100% Money Back Guarantee * Time-Tested Ancient Wisdom * Proven Science

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