Here Are Answers To Some Of Your Common Questions About The Launch...

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1. When will commissions for the PY launch be sent out?

Generally affiliate payments are sent out 60 days from the end of the month of purchase. Hence 30 days after the 30 day refund policy. For most purchases which occurred in June, commissions go out in early September.  If you have a urgent need to get paid earlier than this period, please send your request to joseph -

* Please log into the affiliate center, and update your Paypal address so we can streamline payments.  If possible, email a copy of your W8 or W9 to

2. I'd like to get a copy of the PY Project spreadsheet & Calendar to analyze your launch structure.

Here is the link to launch structure:

3. I see a lot of "commissions" and "transactions" in my affiliate center, but the "Total Earnings" doesn't seem correct?

In the affiliate center, commissions are both opt-ins and sales. Sales will always be tracked in real-time, so you can look at the top of the page when you login. If you would like to see which commissions are opt-ins or sales, simply click on the pull-down menu titled "Commissions" and you'll see a column specifying the commission type.

4. Are there banners and other images available that I can use in my promotions?

In the affiliate center, you can find banners and images under "Marketing Materials" on the left pane. These banners and a wider assortment of other images and swipes are available by going  to our resource center.

5. Is an individual co-registration landing page possible so I can direct cold traffic and receive the emails as well?

This isn't going to be possible for the launch. We can create a custom lander but not a coreg page.

6. I'm contacting you to see about setting up a custom lander for me for the May 20th promo. I'd like that so my Facebook conversion tracking pixels can be added to the landing page and thank you page and also get the names and email addresses of the ones I send you.

As this takes a bit of time to set up, you would have to be able to send at least 2000 unique clicks. If you feel you can do this, please send your request to

7. Please specify configuration of your cookies regarding first and last registrations. Amish indicated both were used in some configuration I was unclear about.

We use first cookie to store which affiliate the lead came from. That's lifetime cookies. The last cookie wins on launches and promos. Any promos after launch will use original cookie.

8. Is my new affiliate account set up to support two Tiers?

Yes it is. It's actually really simple to grab your 2nd tier sign up link in the new system.

Here's what to do:
1. Log into your account at
2. On the left, click on "Tier Linking Code"
3. The code/link will be right in the middle of that page
You can share that and you will generate 10% commission on new affiliates who promote.

9. Can you verify that after the launch is over, we would still continue to use our current affiliate ID for any sales? I'm not sure if our affiliate ID will remain the same before/during/after the launch.

Your affiliate ID / link will be the same and usable until the end of the launch on June 7th. After a short time, we'll go evergreen and your ID/link will work seamlessly after.

10. When does the cart open for sales?

The launch dates are May 20th through June 6. We suggest mailing on May 20th as we have a 9 day consciousness/meditation experience that starts on May 22nd. We will have a tripwire offer during the experience, so you can make commissions starting the very first day.

Our webinar is on June 2nd and Livecast/Q&A on June 4th. June 6th is last call and we close cart and have disappearing bonuses on June 7th.

The price point is $297 and we are paying 50%. We have a tripwire at $47 we introduce early on and cool upsells so we expect to see a lot more commissions earlier than most launches. Your main affiliate link which looks like (where XXXXX is your affiliate ID number), will automatically direct to the webinar and livecast on Sunday, May 31st. Those who optin will continue after to be able to access the 9 day meditation.

11. How would I market the launch on Facebook?

We've found that our affiliate links are very facebook friendly and that they tend to go viral. We encourage facebook and all social media marketing for this reason.  See attached image from one of our partners.

PY facebook marketing

11. How do I enter in my PayPal information and get paid?

You can easily add your PayPal email address within your iDevAffiliate JV portal. Here is a video that explains how to do so:

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